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    Progress of the contemporary society is basically related to the area of advanced materials, surprising by its novel and sophisticated design and also involving high-performance technology and synthesis of materials. Most of the advanced materials are designed for catalytic applications in order to satisfy the continuous requirements of our modern life increasingly dependent on chemistry. Therefore, advanced catalytic materials offer new solutions for healthcare (pharmaceuticals and therapeutics), energy (petrochemicals), manufacturing new materials / plastics (polymers), transport (catalytic convertors), and environment (water/ air quality, renewable, and bio–produced materials).

    CoSolMat workshop is dedicated to the new and original solutions for the preparation, characterization, and valorization of the advanced materials. The main aim of this workshop is to discover and promote novel and original strategies related to /involving Green Advanced Materials (GAM), i.e. design, synthesis and characterization of new GAMs, together with their most important applications for improving the health and security of our society nowadays.

    CoSolMat is brought to you by the GREENCAM consortium, organized by University of Bucharest (Romania) and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Trondheim, Norway). CoSolMat is directed to young researchers, especially MSc but also PhD students, postdocs and early-career PIs. Also, professors and researchers from academia and industry with expertise in the field of advanced materials are invited to participate in the workshop.



  • Novel approaches for the synthesis of advanced materials
  • New technologies for the characterization of advanced materials
  • Nanomaterials
  • Green strategies for the preparation of advanced materials
  • Biomass valorization leading to advanced materials
  • Catalysis and bio/photo/electro-catalysis using advanced materials
  • Other applications of advanced materials


Abstract submission

Deadline to submit your abstract: 15th of September 2021

Young and experienced researchers from academia and industry are invited to submit abstracts describing original research in one of the workshop topics.

The abstract will be submitted via email (greencamproject[at]gmail.com).

Click here to download the abstract template.


Special Issue announcement

The participants will have the opportunity to publish their research study in a special issue dedicated to CoSolMat workshop. More information about the special issue and the journal in general can be found at:


Submission Deadline: 1 August 2022


CoSolMat will be an online event. More information will be posted soon.



You can contact the organizers (greencamproject[at]gmail.com) for all questions regarding the workshop.

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