Summer School 2022



  • BioMat summer school will be held hybrid (face-to-face and online)
  • BioMat program (click here to download)
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BioMat Summer School is dedicated to the research and industrial areas of biomass valorization leading to biofuels and the production of various value-added products. The main aim of this summer school is to offer an overview on the new and innovative aspects from biomass valorization field. Also, the promotion of novel and original strategies related to the production of materials from biomass are considered together with their most important applications at lab as well as industrial scale.

BioMat is organized by Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU (Trondheim, Norway) in collaboration with University of Bucharest (Romania) in the frame of GREENCAM project. BioMat is directed to MSc/PhD students, postdocs and early-career PIs. Also, professors and researchers from academia and industry with expertise in the field of biomass valorization are invited to participate in the summer school.



  • Materials from agriculture biomass residues
  • Materials from forest biomass
  • Materials from food biomass waste
  • Energy crops
  • (Bio)chemical system for biomass conversion
  • Biomass valorization leading to advanced materials



BioMat will be organized at NTNU in Trondheim (Norway).


Important data:

Deadline for submitting:

  • Student application 29th of July 2022
  • Senior abstract 29th of July 2022

Young and experienced researchers from academia and industry are invited to participate submitting an application/ abstract with a short description of the research area(s) of interest/ expertise related with one/more topic(s) of the summer school. The application/abstract will be submitted via email at the e-mail address (greencamproject [at]
All abstracts will be collected and organized in a special proceeding dedicated to BioMat summer school.

Student application template

Abstract template


You can contact the organizers (elisabeth.e.jacobsen [at] for all questions regarding the summer school.


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